Second John – Beware False Teachers

second johnThe apostle John had seen Truth and Love firsthand – he had been with Jesus. So affected was this disciple that all of his writings, from the Gospel to the book of Revelation, are filled with this theme – truth and love are vital to the Christian and are inseparable in the Christian life. Second John, his brief letter to a dear friend, is no different. John says to walk in the truth and obey God (verse 4), watch out for deceivers (verse 7), and love God and each other (verse 6).

False teachers were a dangerous problem for the church in which John was writing. His warning against showing hospitality to false teachers may sound harsh and unloving to many today. Yet these men were teaching heresy that could seriously harm many believers – for eternity.

Second John will take just a few minutes to read, but its message should last a lifetime. As you reflect on these few paragraphs penned by the wise and aged follower of Christ, recommit yourself to being a person of truth, of love, and of obedience.

Written by the apostle John, brother of the apostle James who was martyred in A. D. 42 by Herod Agrippa I (Acts 12:2).

Date Written:
During the Great Scattering described in Acts 8-12 (A. D. 40s). Possibly written from Jerusalem, since the apostles were headquartered there during the Great Scattering.

To Whom Written:
To “the elder unto the elect lady and her children” (II John 1:1).

The purpose of the book of Second John was to remind a dear friend and children of the truth that they knew and the importance of love. It was a warning to them against deceivers, probably the same ones that were causing problems in First John.

Complete Outline:
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