Ruth – A Story of Redemption

When we first meet Ruth, she is a destitute widow. We follow her as she joins God’s people, gleans in the grain fields, ricks her honor at the threshing floor of Boaz. In the end, we see Ruth becoming the wife of Boaz. What a picture of how we come to faith in Christ. We begin with no hope and are rebellious aliens with no part in the kingdom of God. Then as we risk everything by putting our faith in Christ, God saves us, forgives us, rebuilds our lives, and gives us blessings that will last through eternity. Boaz’s redeeming of Ruth is a picture of Christ redeeming us.

The book of Ruth is the story of God’s grace in the midst of difficult circumstances. Ruth’s story occurred during the time of the judges – a period of disobedience, idolatry, and violence. Eve in the times of crisis and deepest despair, there are those who follow God and through whom God works. No matter how discouraging or antagonistic the world may seem, there are always people who follow God. He will use anyone who is open to him to achieve his purposes. Ruth was a Moabitess and Boaz was a descendant of Rahab, a former prostitute from Jericho. Nevertheless, their offspring continued the family line through which the Messiah came into the world.

Read this book and be encouraged. God is at work in the world, and he wants to use you. God could use you, as he used Naomi, to bring family friends to him.

Unknown. Some think it was Samuel, but internal evidence suggests that it was written after Samuel’s death.

Date Written:
Sometime after the period of the judges (1375-1050 B.C.).

To show how three people remained strong in character and true to God even when society around them was collapsing.

Complete Outline:
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