Lamentations of Jeremiah – Anguish & Hope

lamentationsIn the Lamentations of Jeremiah, Jeremiah grieves deeply because of the destruction of Jerusalem and the devastation of his nation. But in the middle of his book, in the depths of his grief, there shines a ray of hope. God’s compassion is ever-present. His faithfulness is great. Jeremiah realizes that is is only the Lord’s mercy that has prevented total annihilation. This book shows us the serious consequences of human sin and how we can still have hope in the midst of tragedy because God is able to turn it around for good. We see the timeless importance of prayer and confession of sin. We will all face tragedy in our lives. But in the midst of our afflictions, there is hope in God.

Jeremiah’s two books focus on one event – the destruction of Jerusalem. The book of Jeremiah predicts it, and Lamentations looks back on it. Known as the book of tears, Lamentations is a dirge, a funeral song written for the fallen city of Jerusalem.

The book of Lamentations allows us to see what made Jeremiah sorrowful. As one of God’s choice servants, he stands alone in the depth of his emotions, his care for the people, his love for the nation, and his devotion to God.


Date Written:
Soon after the fall of Jerusalem in 586 B. C.

Jerusalem had just been destroyed by Babylon and her people killed, tortured or taken captive.

To teach people that to disobey God is to invite disaster, and to show that God suffers when his people suffer.

Complete Outline:
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