Gospel of Luke – Jesus is the Son of Man

gospel of lukeIn the Gospel of Luke, Jesus grew to become completely able to fulfill his mission on earth. He was fully human, developing in all ways like us. Yet he remained fully God. He took no shortcuts and was not isolated from the pressures and temptations of life. There are no shortcuts for us either as we prepare for a life of service to God.

Jesus taught great crowds of people, especially through parables, which are stories with great truths. But only those with ears to hear will understand. We should pray that God’s Spirit would help us understand the implications of these truths for our lives so we can become more and more like Jesus.

The Savior of the world was arrested and executed. But death could not destroy him, and Jesus came back to life and ascended to heaven. In Luke’s careful, historical account, we received the facts about Jesus’ resurrection. We must not only believe that these facts are true, but we must also trust Christ as our Savior. It is shortsighted to neglect the facts, but how sad it is to accept the facts and neglect the forgiveness that Jesus offers to each of us.

While Jesus carried his own cross to Golgotha, some women in Jerusalem wept for him, but Jesus told them to weep for themselves and for their children. But the Gospel of Luke does not end in sadness. It concludes with the thrilling account of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, his appearance to the disciples, and his promise to send the Holy Spirit. Read Luke’s beautifully written and accurate account of the life of Jesus, Son of Man and Son of God. Then praise God for sending the savior for all people – our risen and triumphant Lord.

Luke – a doctor (Colossians 4:14), a Greek Gentile Christian. He is the only known Gentile author in the New Testament. Luke was a close friend and companion of Paul. He also wrote Acts, and the two books go together.

Date Written:
During the two years that Paul was in his own hired house in Rome (A. D. 61-63), continuing to preach the kingdom of God (Acts 28:31). Written from Rome, with Paul.

To Whom Written:
To Theophilus (God-lover).

The purpose of the Gospel of Luke was to present the Lord Jesus Christ as God’s perfect Man.

Luke traced Christ’s bloodline from Adam to Mary. Although Luke was not present with Christ during His earthly ministry, he stated that he had perfect knowledge of all things pertinent to his subject, thereby claiming inspiration. Luke set forth Christ as the Son (representative) of man, the only one whose sinless shed blood could be accepted as the payment for the sins of all mankind.

Complete Outline:
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