First Thessalonians

Paul and his companions were faithful to bring the gospel to the Thessalonians in the midst of persecution. The Thessalonians had only recently become Christians, and yet thy had remained faithful to the Lord, despite the fact that the apostles were not with them. Others have been faithful in bringing God’s Word to us. We must remain faithful and live in the expectation that Christ will return at any time.

As you read First Thessalonians, listen carefully to Paul’s practical advice for Christian living. And when burdened by grief and overwhelmed by sorrow, take hope in the reality of Christ’s return, the resurrection, and eternal life.

Written by the apostle Paul, in the company of Silvanus (Silas) and Timotheus (Timothy).

Date Written:
Time and place is uncertain. It is generally thought that this was the earliest of Paul’s epistles and was probably written from Corinth between 49 and 54 A. D.

To Whom Written:
To the “ekklesia of the Thessalonians”.

The purpose of the book of First Thessalonians was to encourage the leadership in Thessalonica to urge the believers to stand fast in the persecution they were facing, even as Paul had heard from Timothy that they had done. Paul also dealt with several problems among them such as sexual immorality and they way they were grieving over those who had died in the persecution.

Complete Outline:
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