Esther – For Such A Time As This

estherEsther begins with Queen Vashti refusing to obey an order from her husband, King Xerxes. She was subsequently banished, and the search for a new queen began. The king sent out a decree to gather together all the beautiful women in the empire and bring them into the royal harem. King Xerxes was so pleased with Esther that he made her his queen.

The book of Esther is an example of God’s divine guidance and care over our lives. God’s sovereignty and power are seen throughout this book. Although we may question certain circumstances in our lives, we must have faith that God is in control, working through both the pleasant and difficult times so that we can serve him effectively.

Because of Queen Esther’s courageous act, a whole nation was saved. Seeing her God-given opportunity, she seized it! Her life made a difference. Read Esther and watch for God at work in your life. Perhaps he has prepared you to act in “such a time as this.”

Unknown, possibly Mordecai (9:29), some have suggested Ezra or Nehemiah because of the similarity of the writing style.

Date Written:
Approximately 483-471 B.C. (Esther became Queen in 479)

To demonstrate God’s sovereignty and his loving care for his people.

Complete Outline:
To download a PDF outline of Esther click here.

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