Ephesians – Unity in the Body of Christ

In this letter to the Ephesians, Paul explains the wonderful things that we have received through Christ and refers to the church as a body, a temple, a bride, and a soldier. These all illustrate unity of purpose and show how each individual member is a part that must work together with all the other parts. In our own lives, we should work to eradicate all backbiting, gossip, criticism, jealousy, anger, and bitterness, because these are barriers to the unity of the church.

Paul then reminds them that the church is in a constant battle with the forces of darkness and that they should use every spiritual weapon at their disposal. He concludes by asking for their prayers, commissioning Tychicus, and giving a benediction.

As you read this masterful description of the church, thank God for the diversity and unity in his family, pray for your brothers and sisters across the world, and draw close to those in your local church.

Written by Paul, “an apostle of Jesus Christ” (Ephesians 1:1), having been commissioned of God with an apostleship (job) in the dispensation of grace to write a book.

Date Written:
During the two years that Paul was in his own hired house (A. D. 61-63), continuing to preach the kingdom of God (Acts 28:31). Written from Rome during his imprisonment there.

To Whom Written:
To “all the saints, the ones being and believing in Christ Jesus” (1:1 TRV). The words “in Ephesus” are not in some manuscripts. This book may be the “epistle from Laodicea” that is referenced in Colossians 4:16.

The purpose of the letter was to set forth God’s intention in the present dispensation of grace (3:6). With the apostolic conditions of the Acts period suspended, God’s administration of His will toward mankind (His “house law” for the new dispensation) was proclaimed in this book. Of Paul’s letters, only the book of Ephesians, the book of being “in Christ,” was written to all believers of today without exception. All the other letters after the dispensational divide, including Colossians, were written to specific believers of groups of believers at that time.

Complete Outline:
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