Ecclesiastes – A Time For Everything

ecclesiastesEcclesiastes shows that certain paths in life lead to emptiness. This profound book also helps us discover true purpose in life. Such wisdom can spare us from the emptiness that results from a life without God. Solomon teaches that people will not find meaning in life in knowledge, money, pleasure, work or popularity. True satisfaction comes from knowing that what we are doing is part of God’s purpose for our lives. This is a book that can help free us from our scramble for power, approval and money, and draw us closer to God.

When Solomon became King, he asked God for wisdom and he became the wisest man in the world. He studied, taught, judged, and wrote. Kings and leaders from other nations came to Jerusalem to learn from him. But with all of his practical insight on life, Solomon failed to heed his own advice, and he began a downward spiral. Near the end of his life, Solomon looked back with an attitude of humility and repentance. He took stock of the world around as he had experienced it, hoping to spare his readers the bitterness of learning through personal experience thatn everything apart from God is empty, hollow, and meaningless.

Read Ecclesiastes and learn about life. Hear the stern warnings and dire predictions, and commit yourself to remember your Creator now.


Date Written:
Probably around 935 B.C., late in Solomon’s life.

To Whom Written:
Solomon’s subjects in particular, and all people in general.

Complete Outline:
To download a PDF outline of Ecclesiastes click here.

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