Deuteronomy – Fifth Book of Moses

deuteronomyIn the book of Deuteronomy, Moses reviewed the mighty acts of God for the nation of Israel. Remembering God’s special involvement in our lives gives us hope and encouragement in the future.

Obeying God’s laws brought blessings to the Israelites and disobeying brought misfortune. This was part of the written agreement God made with his people. Although we are not part of this covenant, the principle holds true; obedience and disobedience carry inevitable consequences in this life and the next.

Moses called the people to commitment. God still calls us to be committed to love him with all out heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Although Moses made some serious mistake, he had lived uprightly and carried out God’s commands. Moses died with integrity. We too may make some serious mistakes, but that should not stop us from living with integrity and godly commitment.

The book of Deuteronomy is written in the form of a treaty between a king and his vassal state typical of the second millennium B. C. It calls Israel to remember who God is and what he has done. lacking faith, the old generation had wandered for 40 years and died in the desert. They left Egypt behind, but never knew the promised land. Then on the east bank of the Jordan River, Moses prepared the sons and daughters of that faithless generation to possess the land. After a brief history lesson emphasizing God’s great acts on behalf of the people. Moses reviewed the law. Then he restated the covenant – God’s contract with his people.

The lessons are clear. Because of what God has done, Israel should have hope and follow him; because of what he expects, they should listen and obey; because of who he is, they should love him completely. Learning these lessons will prepare them to possess the promised land.

As you read the message of Deuteronomy, remember how God has expressed his kindness in your life, and then commit yourself anew to trust, love, and obey him.


Date Written:
About 1407/6 B.C.

To Whom Written:
Israel (the new generation entering the promised land)

Complete Outline:
To download a PDF outline of Deuteronomy – The Fifth Book of Moses click here.

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