Daniel – God’s Plan for the Ages

danielWhile Ezekiel was ministering to the captives in Babylon, Daniel was drafted as a counselor to King Nebuchadnezzar. With God’s help, Daniel interpreted two of the king’s dreams, Daniel’s three friends were rescued from certain death in the fiery furnace, and Daniel was rescued from a lions’ den. Daniel’s life is a picture of the triumph of faith. May God grant us this type of faith so that we may also live courageously each day.

Daniel and his three friends chose not to eat of the king’s food. They did not bow down to the kings image, even under penalty of death. Daniel continued to pray even though he knew he might be noticed and sentenced to death. These men are inspiring examples for us living a faithful life in a sinful world. When we face trials, we can expect God to remain present with us through our trials. May God grant us the same courage to remain faithful under pressure.

These visions gave the captives added confidence that God is in control of history. They were to wait patiently and in faith and not to worship the gods of Babylon or accept their way of life, God still rules over human activities. Evil will be overcome, so we should wait patiently and not give in to the temptations and pressures of the sinful way of life around us.

God is sovereign. He was in control in Babylon, and he has been moving in history, controlling the destinies of people ever since. And he is here now! Despite news reports or personal stress, we can be confident that God is in control. As you read Daniel, watch God work and find your security in his sovereignty.


Date Written:
Approximately 535 B. C., recording events that happened from about 605 – 535 B. C.

To Whom Written:
The other captives in Babylon and God’s people everywhere

To give an historical account of the faithful Jews who lived in captivity and to show how God is in control of heaven and earth, directing forces of nature, the destiny of nations and the care of his people.

Complete Outline:
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